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Enjoy more with our easiest auto renewing internet plan. Get over 100GB plus unlimited calls with DIGI biGBonus today!



11 Unlimited Calls excludes video calls, calls to special numbers, toll-free 1-300 numbers and 121 numbers

DIGI-Always-on Monthly-Internet-Plan-for-Life-BIGBONUS-Promo2

DIGI-Always-on Monthly-Internet-Plan-for-Life-BIGBONUS-Promo2

biGBonus FAQ

biGBonus Internet Plans

1. Who can subscribe to biGBonus Plans?

All Digi Mobile Prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe to biGBonus Plans.

2. How do I purchase biGBonus Plans?

You can purchase biGBonus Plans via MyDigi (Buy Add-ons> Internet > Auto Renew) or by dialling *116*1# and following the steps.

3. How do I get the biGBonus 2GB/3GB every day which can be used from 1pm to 7pm?

You will get it automatically once you subscribe to either biGBonus RM35, biGBonus RM50 or biGBonus RM70 (i.e. no redemption required). From 1pm to 7pm, the biGBonus 2GB/3GB quota will be utilised before the base quota from your biGBonus Plan. The biGBonus quota is refreshed daily throughout your plan validity.

4. What numbers can I call with the bundled Unlimited Calls to all networks?

You may make unlimited voice calls to both Digi numbers and all other networks, including fixed lines (excludes video calls, calls to special numbers, toll-free 1-300 numbers, and 121 numbers) within Malaysia.

5. I have subscribed to biGBonus RM35, how do I get the Unlimited Calls?

You can purchase the add-on of Unlimited Calls via MyDigi > Buy Add-ons> Booster > or by dialling *116# and look for ‘Quota Top Up’. The add-on of Unlimited Calls is an one-off purchase which valid for 30 days. Upon the expiry of the pass, your call will be charged based on your rate plan tariff.

6. What is “Always Active”?

“Always Active” means that your main account validity will always be extended to match the subscription validity of your biGBonus Plan. For example, if your account expires tomorrow but you subscribe to a biGBonus Plan with the “Always Active” feature today, your account validity will be extended by 30 days (instead of expiring tomorrow).
Do note that if your main account has a validity of more than 30 days at the point of subscription to a biGBonus Plan, it will remain unchanged.

7. How can I check the Internet and Call balance of my biGBonus Plan?

You may check your base quota Internet balance via MyDigi, or by dialling *116# and following the steps. Please note that you will not be able to check your Unlimited Calls balance.

8. Can I use the Internet quota from my biGBonus plan when I am roaming abroad?

No. The Internet quota from your biGBonus plan is for domestic use only (i.e. within Malaysia). Mobile Internet usage while roaming abroad on other networks will be charged as per the respective roaming operator’s rate for Internet access.

9. Will my biGBonus plan be renewed automatically at the end of plan validity?

Yes, your plan will be renewed automatically at the end of its validity. You will receive an SMS notification two (2) days before renewal.

10. How do I unsubscribe from my biGBonus plan?

You can do so via MyDigi or by dialling *116# and following the steps to unsubscribe from biGBonus plans.

11. I am thinking about terminating my biGBonus plan before it ends. After termination, can I still continue to use the Internet until the end of its validity?

No, your biGBonus plan will be removed with immediate effect upon termination.

12. Can I still purchase the biGBonus plan if I already have an existing Internet Plan?

Yes, you can. However, your existing Internet plan will be overwritten and any remaining quota from your current Internet plan will be forfeited.

Internet Rollover

1. Who is eligible for the Internet Rollover?

All Digi Mobile Prepaid customers who subscribed to Monthly Internet Plan RM30 and above are eligible to enjoy Internet Rollover at no extra cost.

2. What is Internet Rollover?

You will get to rollover unutilised Internet quota (i.e: base quota) up to 100GB to following subscription cycle automatically, upon successful on-time renewal.

3. My Internet plan is expected to be renewed on 25th of the month. However, my balance is not sufficient when the renewal is triggered by system on 12:01am, 25th. If I reload on the same day later, am I able to get the Internet Rollover?

No, the on-time renewal refers to the renewal that triggered by the system during early morning (ie:12:01am). Please ensure you have sufficient credit balance before the renewal take place.

4. What is the limit of the quota of Internet Rollover?

You are able to accumulate up to 100GB of the base quota of your monthly Internet plan.

5. What happens if I have a balance of Internet quota that is more than allowable limit (i.e. 100GB)?

Any extra Internet quota more than the allowable limit (i.e: 100GB) will be forfeited.

6. What is the validity of the Internet Rollover?

The validity is as per your monthly Internet Plan, which is 30 days.

7. How do I check the balance and expiry of the Internet Rollover?

The Internet rollover will be added into your base quota bucket. Hence, similarly as checking your monthly quota, you can check the balance and expiry of the Internet quota via MyDigi app, or dial *116# and follow the steps.

8. When do I lose the Internet Rollover quota?

You will not be enjoying Internet Rollover quota when the Internet plan renewal is delayed, or when you change or terminate the Internet plan. All the rollover Internet quota will be forfeited.

Extra Internet

1. Who is eligible for the extra quota?

All Digi Mobile Prepaid customers who has met the tenure criteria and subscribed to the eligible Internet plan will be eligible for the extra quota..

2. Do I need to pay for the extra quota?

No, it is free and you do not need to pay for it.

3. How do I check the balance and expiry of the extra quota?

You can check the balance and expiry of the extra quota via MyDigi app, or dial *116# and follow the steps.

4. Can I still redeem the extra quota while my previous extra quota is still valid?

Yes, you will be able to redeem the extra quota, however, the quota of the earlier redemption (if there is any) will be replaced by the latest redemption.

5. I have not met the tenure criteria with Digi, how can I be eligible for the extra quota?

Stay on and you will be eligible for the extra quota for your next subscription or renewal of the Internet plan, after you have met the tenure requirement.

6. What is the end date of this promotion?

This promotion is available until further notice.
For more info:  https://new.digi.com.my/auto-renew-plans#biGBonus

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