Johann Ofner fatally shot, Gun Used In Bliss N Eso Video Was Prop “Loaded With Blanks”

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Bliss N Eso have released a new statement following the horrific incident that saw 28-year-old stuntman Johann Ofner fatally shot on the set of their new music video in Brisbane yesterday, while their management has confirmed the prop gun at the centre of the tragedy was loaded with blanks, not live ammunition.

The band’s statement reads:

We are devastated about the tragic passing of Johann Ofner. Out of respect to Johann’s family, friends and the on-going investigation we don’t feel it is appropriate for us to make further comment at this time. We chose not to disclose Johann’s details yesterday to ensure police had time to contact his family and friends, however this information is now clearly in the public forum. We continue to express our support and condolences to the family and friends of those so deeply affected by this sad event and appreciate your on-going understanding in this incredibly difficult time.

As there have been many varying media reports about what took place yesterday our management team are in the process of issuing further known information to the media.

Much love,
Bliss, Eso and Izm
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Coolio On 90s Nostalgia, Publicity Stunts & Why He’s “Pissed” At The Batman Franchise

Image for Coolio On ’90s Nostalgia, Publicity Stunts & Why He’s “Pissed” At The Batman Franchise

“The Batman franchise itself can kiss my ass”

That collective nostalgia for ’90s R&B and hip-hop isn’t dissipating. This June West Co’ rapper Coolio (aka Artis Ivey, Jr), a regular visitor to Oz, will head the US-originating I Love The 90’s Tour together with Vanilla Ice, Salt ‘N Pepa and Color Me Badd.

Coming straight outta Compton, Ivey first aired music in the late ’80s. He was then briefly a member of WC And The Maad Circle. Signing to Tommy Boy Records as a solo act, Ivey debuted with It Takes A Thief – spawning the G-funk hit ‘Fantastic Voyage’. But it was ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ that transformed the rapper, with his zany image, into a pop culture icon. Ivey contributed the song – featuring R&B singer LV and sampling Stevie Wonder’s ‘Pastime Paradise’ – to the Dangerous Minds movie and used it as his second album’s title-track. ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ became 1995’s biggest single. Ivey scooped a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. As such, he made gangstadom palatable to the mainstream – opening the way for pop street rappers Puff Daddy and Ma$e. To Ivey’s (initial) indignation, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ was parodied by “Weird Al” Yankovic (‘Amish Paradise’). More recently, with Ivey’s (tacit) approval, Falling In Reverse punked it up.

Alas, Ivey’s sales began to slide, slide, slippity slide with his third album, My Soul. He lost his deal, going indie. Ivey last enjoyed a minor hit with 2006’s ‘Gangsta Walk’ alongside Snoop Dogg. Still, he’s collaborated with everyone from Peter Andre to Kenny Rogers to Benny Benassi. Ivey is now dropping an EP, Long Live The Thief – the single ‘Kill Again’ about gang violence.

Ivey parlayed his ’90s success into an acting career – cameoing in the notorious George Clooney-starring Batman & Robin. He’s since turned to reality TV, with his own show Coolio’s Rules and has reinvented himself as a hip-hop chef, branding his “ghetto gourmet”. He launched a bestselling Cookin’ With Coolio cookbook and a web series. Meanwhile, aside from nostalgic ’90s kids, Ivey has been “embraced” by Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalos community – performing at the Gathering Of The Juggalos. He even has a “Jugalo Cool” (sic) tattoo. For Ivey, life is good: he now lives in Las Vegas. Yet the OG showman is touring widely.