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For the first time ever, MAXIS introduces Hotlink Postpaid Flex! All the things you love about Prepaid are now in a Postpaid plan. Check out the latest features of this Prepaid package below..

Hotlink has introduced Postpaid Flex, a mobile plan where customers can enjoy unlimited social, chat and music bundles. Starting from RM30 a month, with unlimited calls and SMSes to all networks, as well as 1GB data, Hotlink Postpaid Flex allows customers to choose how they experience the Internet.

Hotlink’s first ever Postpaid plan is here!

Start Building Your Own Plan by adding what features you need.



What do I get by signing up for the NEW Hotlink Flex?

Hotlink Flex combines the best of Hotlink Prepaid with the convenience of postpaid. You will get to enjoy:

  • – Unlimited Talk & Text.
  • – Worry-free Internet usage with NO pay-per-use charges.
  • – Unlimited Internet for your favourite apps.
Who can sign-up for these plans?

These plans are open to all consumers, including port-ins, pre-to-post migration, and new registrations.

Is there any limit to the unlimited calls & SMS?

No, there is no limit for unlimited calls & SMS. However, customers are subject to Maxis’ Fair Usage Policy and we reserve the right to interrupt, bar, suspend or restrict the Service if a customer’s usage shows unusual activity. Please refer to the rate plan’s Terms & Conditions for further details.

What type of calls/SMS are Hotlink Flex’s unlimited calls & SMS valid for?

Domestic mobile/fixed ON-net & OFF-net usage (excluding video calls, calls to chargeable 1-300/1700/600 numbers, and calls to TM100 or 121)

Can I use the unlimited calls & SMS and pre-allocated Mobile Internet quota while roaming?

No, you cannot. Unlimited calls & SMS and Mobile Internet quota are valid for domestic use only.

If the monthly allocation is not fully utilised, will it be carried forward?

No, the monthly allocation (Calls, SMS & Internet) cannot be carried forward. It will be automatically forfeited upon completion of bill cycle.

Can I upgrade my quota if my pre-allocated Mobile Internet data depletes before the end of the bill cycle?

Yes, you can purchase exclusive Internet passes for your Hotlink Postpaid via the UMB menu (*100#) or the Hotlink Flex App (https://www.hotlink.com.my/e).
Here are the available passes:
5GB (Auto-renew) @ RM25
5GB (One-time) @ RM30
1GB (One-time) @ RM10
1GB/day (One-time) @ RM5

Can I change plans after subscribing to Hotlink Flex?

Yes, you can change or upgrade to any other Maxis Postpaid Plans


If I subscribe to Hotlink Flex in the middle of my bill cycle date, will my monthly commitment fee, allocated calls, SMS & data be pro-rated?

The monthly commitment fee will be pro-rated and you will not be charged the full commitment fee for the first month. From the second month onwards, you will be charged the full commitment fee. However, you will be given the full data allocation from month 1. Calls & SMS are unlimited.

Is the advance payment refundable?

No, but it will be offset against the first month’s bill and any extra will be carried forward to the following month.

Can I check how much data I have used?

You can check your data usage via the UMB menu (*100#) or the Hotlink Flex App (http://www.hotlink.com.my/e) by selecting the “Check Status” option.

Will I get SMS notifications for my data usage?

When you hit 60% and 100% of your data quota, you will automatically receive an SMS informing you of your data usage. SMS notification is close to real time.

If I sign up for Hotlink Flex, am I entitled to sign up for a supplementary line?

No. There are no supplementary line plans for Hotlink Flex.

How do the Unlimited Bundles work?

For each Unlimited Bundle, any use of the inclusive applications will not draw from the base quota but from the bundle (subject to a Fair Use Policy of 1TB within the bill cycle).

However, within the app itself, there are third party sources (such as embedded YouTube videos, or external websites opened via app) which will count as base data instead.

Can I tether the Unlimited Bundles to my laptop?

Yes you may tether the Unlimited Bundles to other devices. However, there will be a speed cap of 5mbps applied to the tethered data.

I’m converting my Hotlink Prepaid to Hotlink Flex. I still have some credit balance in my prepaid account. What will happen to my credit balance once I converted my plan to Hotlink Flex?

When you move to Hotlink Flex, your credit balance will be credited into your new Hotlink Flex account, and you will see it reflected in your first bill.

I have RM50 credit balance in my Hotlink Prepaid. Can I use this balance to offset my advance payment?

You will still have to pay for the advance payment upon moving to Hotlink Flex. The advance payment and credit balance will be offset against the first month’s invoice & any extra will be carried forward to the following month.

Can I change from an existing Maxis Postpaid plan to Hotlink Flex?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot switch from Maxis to Hotlink Flex on your postpaid plan.


For More Info : http://www.hotlink.com.my/en/plans/hotlink-postpaid.html