Best Mobile Prepaid Plans In Malaysia


Below are 4 of the best mobile prepaid plans in Malaysia that give you the best value for your hard-earned money.

These mobile prepaid plan will save you from the headache of being stuck in a contract, paying a fixed monthly commitment fee and is one of the simplest ways to save yourself some money and control your mobile usage.

1) Maxis – Hotlink Fast

The mobile plan is priced at RM 10 with pre-loaded credit of RM 5 that is valid for 5 days. That’s less than satisfactory, but it also comes with free basic 300 MB Internet every month. True, while at first glance it seems that there are not many perks with Hotlink, Maxis is still one of the fastest mobile Internet providers in Malaysia, with its extensive 4G LTE network. Calls and SMS are priced at 15 sen per 30 seconds and each respectively.

Daily Top Up:
RM 3 – 1 GB

Weekly Top Up:
RM 5 – 150 MB (All Day Internet)

RM 8 – 500 MB (All Day Internet)

RM 10 – 1 GB + 7 GB (Happy Hour – free internet all day)

Monthly Top Up:
RM 35 – 5 GB + 30 GB (Happy Hour – free internet all day)

RM 45 – 10 GB + 30 GB (Happy Hour – free internet all day)

RM 60 – 8 GB + 30 GB (Happy Hour – free internet all day) + Unlimited Calls To All Network